About Tyres

A tire (Amrican English) or tyre (British English) is a ring-shaped covering that matches around a tire’s rim to protect it and enable much better vehicle efficiency. 

A lot of tyres such as those for automobiles and bicycles, give grip between the motor vehicle and the roadway while offering a pliable pillow that soaks up shock. The products of modern pneumatic tires are man-made rubber, natural rubber, fabric and cable, along with carbon black and other chemical materials. 

Pneumatic tires are used on numerous types of motor vehicles, featuring autos, bicycles, bikes, vehicles, earth-movers, and planes. Steel tires are still made use of on locomotives/trains , and strong rubber (or other polymer) tires are still made use of in numerous non-automotive applications, such carts, lawnmowers, and wheelbarrows.

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