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We showcase an array of Part Worn Tyres in the Wokingham Reading area. Save cash on your tyre purchase. Acquiring used tyres is an awesome method to save money when trying to find lawful tyres to replace damaged or pierced tyres.

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Worn Tyres oe New, Inexpensive options from brand new tyres or  used tyres rapidly and easily. Continue reading

Car Tyres and Safety

Under the Car Tyres (Safety) Laws 1994, a part used tyre should not have:.

Cuts longer than 25mm– or 10 % of the area width of the tyre– which are deep more than enough to get to the ply or cord are not acceptable.

  • Lumps, bulges or tears caused by separation or failure of the tyre’s framework, or any  type of seepage harm that has not been repaired. Continue reading

About Tyres

A tire (Amrican English) or tyre (British English) is a ring-shaped covering that matches around a tire’s rim to protect it and enable much better vehicle efficiency. 

A lot of tyres such as those for automobiles and bicycles, give grip between the motor vehicle and the roadway while offering a pliable pillow that soaks up shock. Continue reading

Illegal Tyres in the Wokingham area

Many people were killed or seriously injured by driving with illegal, substandard or under-inflated tyres. 

Oddly there are still motorists that believe kicking the tyre will signal if it is correctly inflated. Far more guys compared to ladies embark on this practice. Continue reading